True - It can have an impact on everyone, not just people in gangs. Innocent people, can get caught up in the middle of arguments and end up hurt.

False - If it is for your own protection or you are carrying it for someone else - you will be arrested and prosecuted. Self-protection is not a reasonable excuse for carrying a knife.

True - Get stabbed in the heart and you can lose all of your blood in one minute. But a wound in the arm or the leg can still kill too. Young people have died from wounds to the leg!

False - It is NEVER too late to change, and ask for help. Your life matters, put yourself first and ask for help today.

False - If you’re worried, talk to someone.  Speak to an adult you trust or Childline or Fearless. There is always a way out, take the first step today.

True - Even if you didn’t mean to kill, or just wanted to scare them you could still end up serving a life sentence.

True - It’s never too late to make a positive change in your life. Carrying a knife will get you into more dangerous situations than it will ever protect you from.

False - You can be the one who makes the difference.  Friends, family, teachers and other trusted adults are an important influence on a young person. It might be a difficult conversation but it will show you care and that there is help available.  Why not try using our 10 step guide.