Do you know who is most likely to be convicted of carrying a knife?

It is young men aged 12-25 – could it be your friend, son or brother?

It is often because they do not feel safe and could also be due to peer pressure, not having a full understanding of the legalities of carrying a knife or the dangers.

Warning signs

  • Has their attitude to school / education changed?
  • Do they have new friends you’ve not met before?
  • Are they protective and/or secretive with their bag and/or clothing?
  • Have they been overly defensive when you have questioned them about their possessions?
  • Do they send / receive more messages than they did before?
  • Do they ever get up and leave the house abruptly?
  • Are they out of the house more, particularly in the evenings and at night?
  • Have they demonstrated a positive attitude towards those that carry knives, for example talking about self-defence?
  • Have you noticed anything missing from your house that could be used as a weapon such as a kitchen knife or screwdriver?

I think someone I know is carrying a knife. Where do I go from here?

  • When young people are educated about the consequences of knife crime they may reconsider carrying one.
  • Try to build their self-esteem and reinforce the importance of their life and what they can achieve to empower them about a positive future.
  • Take time to have a true conversation with them, be available and ready to listen. Remember to let their voice be the main one heard during the conversation.
  • Consider mentioning:
  • That they do have a choice. It’s not a one way street, there is always the opportunity to change things around.
  • The law. It is illegal to carry a knife, even if it belongs to someone else and carries a sentence of four years.
  • The police. They will stop and search someone they believe is carrying a knife.
  • Personal safety. The knife carried for protection could be used against the person carrying it.
  • The consequence. Knife crime is considered a violent crime and can severely affect their ability to get jobs. Carrying or using a knife doesn't just affect that individual. When a knife is used, the individual's family, the victim and the victim's friends and family are all affected.

You matter, lives can change #LivesNotKnives