• Boom, Boom, Boom, Let Me Hear You Say Mayo! Please consider your neighbours before turning up the volume!
  • Hey Pesto! Do your bit for the environment and your community. Put your waste in the correct bin and put your bins out on the right day
  • Trolleys are not chariots, they’re for groceries! It may seem like just a bit of HOISIN around to you but maybe not to your neighbours
  • Universities take a dim view of reports of antisocial behaviour from their students. Don’t jeopardise your degree for the sake of a party!
  • Walking home doesn’t have to sound like a herd of elephants. Keep it down!
  • We know you RELISH a party but pre-warn neighbours before and keep noise to lower levels after 11pm
  • Don’t advertise a party on social media – it can quickly get out of hand
  • Antisocial behaviour includes the misuse of fireworks, fly-posting, drug dealing and dumping rubbish


Download 'The Sauce Of All Knowledge' - your guide to staying safe at University *here*