We know you’re keen as MUSTARD to get to your lectures but make sure your bike is secure before you leave it! 

  • Remove detachable accessories such as lights, pumps and quick release saddles
  • Mark the frame with your postcode in two areas, one of which should be hidden
  • At home, keep your bike in a locked shed or garage if possible or a locked room
  • Lock your bike using a D-lock through both the frame and the back wheel if possible
  • Secure your bike to a fixed object or bike rack in a well-lit bust area and avoid lampposts
  • Fill in a Bike Passport which your local police officer can provide. If it’s stolen, all the bike details will be there for insurers and police. Register you bike with www.immobilise.com


Download 'The Sauce Of All Knowledge' - your guide to staying safe at University *here*