• Don’t leave yourself playing KETCHUP. You could lose all your hard work to a weak password!
  • What goes online stays online and could be seen by anybody – including potential employers!
  • Did you know…Your bank would never ask you to disclose your password or PIN in full.
  • Never leave your laptop or tablet unattended in the library or your car
  • Back up your work regularly and disguise your laptop in a rucksack so people don’t know you’re carrying one
  • Don’t open emails or attachments if you don’t know where they came from
  • Be aware of scam emails which may ask you for money or personal details
  • Keep your bank cards safe along with PINS, passwords and personal information. Never include personal information in your passwords!
  • If something seems too good to be true, it probably is… Get rich quick schemes, impossibly well paid work or others wanting to use your bank account could lead to you becoming a money mule


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