Don’t get in a PICKLE by making yourself an easy target… 

  • After dark, keep to well-lit, populated areas that you are familiar with
  • Cover up jewellery with a scarf, coat or clothing. Keep your bags closed, zipped up or buckled with the clasps facing inwards
  • Carry your wallet, phone and other valuables out of sight. Be wary of who is around you at cash machines. If in doubt, move on
  • Be aware of your surroundings and if you are worried you are being followed, change direction, go into a shop or pub and call the police
  • Be careful of chatting on your phone or listening to music, particularly at night when this can distract from what is happening around you
  • Never accept a drink from stranger and always leave your drink with someone you can trust
  • After a night out on the SAUCE, book a cab or organise to walk home with friends. Keep some local taxi numbers in your phone or download their apps
  • On a date and feeling uncomfortable? Many bars across the city and county and signed up to the Ask for Angela scheme. Say the phrase to bar staff and alert them to your need for help. They are trained to defuse the situation. For info visit


Download 'The Sauce Of All Knowledge' - your guide to staying safe at University *here*