Honey Trap Robbery is a Social Media enabled crime. Fake profiles are created on dating sites and other Social media platforms to initiate contact with victims. After a short time of conversing, arrangements are made for a face to face meeting in a location of the suspects choosing. Upon arriving at the location the victim is robbed of their personal belongings having items such as mobile phones, Air pods, bags stolen. In the majority of cases the victim will be on their own, meeting in or near to parks / green spaces and surrounding streets where there is less visibility, footfall and CCTV.

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What can you do to prevent being a victim of this crime?

  • Only accept on line friends requests or contact from people who you know
  • Don’t meet face to face with someone who is not known personally to you or your family
  • Don’t have expensive items on display - consider if you need to carry such items with you
  • Use main roads as much as possible and try not to walk alone. Be aware of your surroundings

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