This section will outline the process for reporting a business crime to the police. Please make sure you follow the correct process for the crime you are reporting as the forms differ.

In an emergency you should always phone 999. This may include serious violence that is happening now or a detained suspect who is not being compliant.

All other reports must be reported online.

If you want to update us about an existing report please email [email protected].

What happens next

Once you have completed your online report we will contact you via email with your crime reference number and request that you send us a clear facial still image of the suspect.

If a suspect is identified we will contact you to request further information. In this case you will be given clear instructions about which forms need to be returned. Please ensure you include your 11 digit crime reference number on the top left of the statement. Please note there are different forms for bilkings and shop thefts, ensure you use the correct ones.

For reports of bilkings use the following forms:

For reports of shop theft use the following forms:


Please ensure you retain a master copy of the incident captured on CCTV. You must ensure your CCTV footage covers all of the following:

  • Suspect(s) entering the store
  • Suspect(s) selecting/concealing goods
  • Suspect(s) leaving store without having made any attempt to pay for the goods.

If we require a copy of the footage we will contact you by email and request that this is returned to us in MP4 video format. This can be done easily by uploading a copy of the CCTV footage to a secure website, a link to this website will be sent to you by email or mobile phone number.

All master footage should be retained by the store for court purposes.

Once we have assessed the information provided your crime will either be closed pending further information or sent to a Neighbourhood Investigation Unit for further enquiries.

We work in partnership with Victim First to provide support for victims of crime. If you would like to find out more about the service they offer please visit their website.


The Cross-sector Safety & Security Communications (CSSC) hub is a partnership between law enforcement agencies, local and national government organisations, and private sector businesses.

Operating under charitable status, CSSC is a cascade system in which ratified and timely information is disseminated between the public and private sectors in the event of a major incident, such as a terrorist attack, and also during quieter time to share security information, such as fraud and cyber crime alerts, and improve business resilience and emergency preparedness plans.

CSSC’s aim is to help you keep your business premises secure and your staff and customers safe. Register for CSSC alerts at the following website: