Set up to support individuals from minority groups, networks provide vital face-to-face support and work to share common concerns, issues, experiences and solutions.

Christian Police Association

Provides prayer, encouragement and fellowship opportunities for all staff, regardless of their diversity. Membership is open to all staff in the police service, their spouses and retired staff that recognise the Christian faith. It is also available to people who wish to support as associate members. Membership is free.


The LGBT+ Network is for officers, staff and volunteers who identify as LGBT+, however membership is open to all as the LGBT Network also has a Diversity Advocates program.

Diversity Advocates are people who do not identify as LGBT+ but who are openly supportive of the network aims to create a workplace where people feel able to be themselves.

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Muslim Police Association

Helps and assists Muslim police officers and staff as well as providing support for the wider organisation. The Muslim Police Association is supported by the National Association of Muslim Police and has a further interest in promoting better understanding between the police service and Muslim community.

Black Police Association

The Black Police Association was formerly recognised in 1994 and has the following aims:

  • to provide a support network for members
  • to support recruitment, retention and career developments
  • to assist with the review and development of policies
  • to represent members views and community concerns
  • to support the Force to keep communities safe from harm

The network works in collaboration with the Force Equality Supporters, Occupational Health, the Police Federation, Unison and other support associations specifically on confidence issues on Race and Diversity.

The Leicestershire Police purpose-built multi-faith and non-faith room was opened in June 2005. It is available for all officers, staff, volunteers and visitors to use and is situated at Leicestershire Police Headquarters. The room is a comfortable place for prayer and quiet reflection away from the busy work environment.

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Women's Inclusive Network

Membership of the network is open to all officers, special constables and police staff. It will keep members informed about training courses, conferences and events of interest and provides a forum to discuss issues of concern. It is committed to improving the working environment for and maximising the potential of women within Leicestershire Police. Their focus includes job opportunities, career progression and training, promoting a work-life balance and maternity and adoption leave.

For anyone who has a problem or needs to talk with someone away from their normal working environment, the Women’s Network has members at all levels of the organisation to give help and support to their colleagues.

The Women’s Inclusive Network is involved with internal, national and international groups to develop a network of social, professional and business contacts for all women in the police service.

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Police Federation

The Police Federation exists to represent the interests of police officers from the rank of constable to chief inspector and is involved in all aspects of officers' work.

Whether you have concerns about your shifts, your area of work, health and safety in the workplace, your pay, pensions or the details of Police Regulations then the Federation is there to offer you help, support and advice.

It also runs a number of campaigns - locally, regionally and nationally - to address the issues of concern to its members.

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UNISON represents and acts for members working in a range of public services and utilities, whether they’re employed by private companies, public authorities or in the community and voluntary sector. We represent members, negotiate and bargain on their behalf, campaign for better working conditions and pay and for public services. And more besides.

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