2. Eligibility

In order to transfer to us or rejoin, you will need to:

  • be serving (or have served) with a Home Office Force. Officers from non-Home Office Forces will be considered on a case-by-case basis
  • pass the necessary vetting and occupational health checks
  • pass the basic fitness test, which is a shuttle run (bleep test) to level 5.4
  • have no outstanding disciplinary or integrity issues
  • have resided in the UK for three years immediately prior to submitting your application
  • declare any business interest
  • hold a full manual driving licence

* Please note that individuals who have retired and are in receipt of a pension from a police force will not be considered.

Re-joiner rules change

Rules which used to mean that former officers re-joining the police must do so within five years no longer apply. You can re-join no matter how long ago you left, but you must have completed your probation period.

  • If you are a re-joiner, you will be required to undertake a 6-month probation period. If you are re-joining at a different rank or you left your previous force more than 5 years ago, you will be required to undertake a 12-month probationary period.
  • Re-joiners will undertake a training review to determine whether you will be required to complete the full training course or just complete specific elements to be operationally. 
  • Re-joiners at the same rank will re-enter the service on the pay scale point at which they left their previous force. Officers re-joining at a higher or lower rank will have their pay considered on a case by case basis.
  • Re-joiners must have completed their probationary period


Officers wishing to transfer must have completed their probationary period and confirmed in role.