1. Overview

Thank you for expressing an interest transferring to, or re-joining, Leicestershire Police.

This is an exciting time to be working for us. Policing Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland is a challenge like no other, and will bring new opportunities for even the most experienced officer.

Expand your skills and build an exceptional career here with us, set against the backdrop of working in one of England's most exciting cities.

The size, diversity and importance of our organisation means that we have a huge range of potential career paths, spanning different areas of policing and specialisms. Working with you to understand your skill-set we will post you based on your needs and ours.

Our selection process

Our selection process is simple – you're already an experienced officer and that speaks volumes!

Once you've submitted your application form, we'll review this to understand your expertise and experience to match you to a role. As part of this we'll check you meet our eligibility criteria – if you're a current serving officer who is meeting the day-to-day requirements of their role, you'll likely have no issue here.

We'll review your situation when you apply and guide you through anything you need to do and through our pre-employment process.

If your application is successful, you will be invited to attend our HQ in Enderby, Leicester for an assessment. This may include an interview and a presentation. We will provide you with full details prior to your attendance.

How you'll be trained

We arrange an induction for you, so you can get to know us. We'll arrange any relevant training courses for you to help you settle into your new position. You will likely notice a change in pace and demand through your training, but you will be able to call upon your own experience and the support of others around you through this period. There will be highly experienced and skilled officers around you who will always be there to help or assist.

Beyond your initial training, we aim to support the continuous professional development of our officers.

There is a wide range of development prospects at Leicestershire Police, whether promotional or lateral. We run PC to Sergeant promotion boards, and offer an extensive range of training opportunities for our officers.

Upon transferring or re-joining to us, you can be confident you’ll be working with a professional team of people. We are committed to working together to ensure we deliver on our promises of making our diverse communities safer.