Having grown up in Birmingham with strong family values I have always wanted to help people, and make a difference. 

I have very early memories of watching The Bill with my Nan and from then on, I always knew I wanted to be a police officer.  

I’m proud to be the only member of my family to have worked for the police. There has always been an expectation coming from an Asian Indian background that I would fall into another career – policing was not seen as a sustainable career, so in a way I wanted to prove everyone wrong.

I joined Leicestershire Police in 2009 as a Special Constable which gave me a real insight into the expectations and demands of a Police Officer. During my time as a Special, I was studying for a Business and Marketing degree at De Montfort University, as well as juggling a job at RBS.

Though it was a challenging time juggling University and two different jobs, I am pleased that the insight into the force pushed me on to join. 

By 2013 I became a qualified PC where I have since dealt with a number of jobs such as domestic violence cases, burglaries and serious assaults. During my service I have been given the opportunity to work in investigative roles, project work as well as response.

The jobs that have had stayed with me are dealing with vulnerable old people on their own and returning them home. A particular case that I’ll always remember is when I assisted a domestic violence victim and her child with getting her emergency housing. We took her shopping and made sure her and her child were safe and fed.

I wouldn’t change what I do. Policing is a varied career and one of which that can be challenging at times. Anyone considering joining, I would recommend speaking to your local officers, joining the special constabulary and see if it’s something you see yourself doing long term.