Mo Behl is a Detective Constable. Growing up in Birmingham with strong family values, he always wanted to help people and make a difference. Mo recollects watching the Bill with his grandma as a child and that has always inspired him to join the police.

“I’m proud to be the only member of my family to have joined the police. There has always been an expectation coming from an Asian Indian background that I would fall into another career but policing was a career that I decided I had a keen interest, and wanted to go into. I also wanted to prove that policing is a sustainable career,” he said.

Mo joined Leicestershire Police as a special constable in 2009 whilst studying at De Montfort University for a Business and Marketing degree as well as juggling a job at RBS bank. His experience in the Special Constabulary pushed him to become a fully qualified police officer in 2013. Six years later, the now 29-year-old then became a detective constable.

“During my service I have been given the opportunity to work in investigative roles, project work as well as response.

“Being a detective opens more doors as you get the opportunity to gain more qualifications and you can specialise in certain areas which means you can look at something in more depth and get to the route of an issue.

“It can be long days and you will deal with difficult situations but the reward is massive. I am proud to protect the public and bring offenders to justice.

“When I deal with victims I always think how my parents or family would want to be treated in the same situation and how can I help them to get the best outcome.

“I wouldn’t change what I do. I could have ended up working in banking but I wanted to be a police officer and prove to people that I could succeed.”