Tange Bhakta is a Detective Superintendent who has been a police officer for 28 years largely working in Criminal Investigation Department (CID). In Tange’s current role he is responsible for leading on the force’s intelligence gathering operations.

The 49-year-old who is originally from Manchester was interested in policing from an early age.

“I came from a family of business but I wanted something different, to spread my wings. I initially wanted to join my local force, Greater Manchester Police, but I was too small as height restrictions back then meant that you needed to be 6ft 1ins or taller. Other forces had started to change this policy including Leicestershire. I saw they were recruiting and applied, and the rest is history,” he said.

“In my roles I have worked throughout the city and county as a response officer, neighbourhood officer, a Sergeant and on the pro-active unit. I then got my first Criminal Investigation Department (CID) posting as a Detective Sergeant working in the Economic Crime Unit (ECU) and have never looked back. I have stayed working as a detective ever since in various roles.

“Growing up my interactions with the police were around being stopped and searched. I didn’t see many officers who looked like me growing up. For me the only way to change that was to join up.

“I have had brilliant experiences throughout my career and made friends for life and there is so much you can do in different roles within the police.

“As a detective you need an inquiring mind and the ability to play devil’s advocate. You need to be innovative and extremely resilient. You need to ask all of the questions and have the foresight to think what the right answer is. There are so many opportunities and ultimately you will seek to bring people to justice for serious crime.”