"My whole life is going to change because of this as it is a lifestyle and I feel very dedicated and excited to keep learning. I'm enjoying learning everything."

Coming from a comfortable, financially secure background, Katy was unexposed to an environment where children are raised in a difficult, challenging and insecure environment.

This changed when Katy started working at the age of 21 in a residential care home for children and young people with complex emotional and behavioural needs.

It was here that Katy realised, that her view of a normal upbringing was a far cry from the experience of the children and young people she got to know over the six years she worked there.  Katy couldn’t believe how strong and resilient they were despite what they had already faced in their young lifetime. Loving the work she did in this role gave her the inspiration to push herself further, to not just helping young people, but delving into different communities that struggled to have a voice or different cultures and different families that are in need of help and guidance.

Initially, the young people Katy worked with did not have a positive view of the police but she believes that through her guidance and support that their views were eventually changed and when she made the decision to join the police, she was met with admiration and respect.

Policing is not new to Katy’s family as her uncle is also a police officer and she always admired the work he did. Growing up in Leicestershire and with her previous work experience, it only seemed natural to Katy to apply for a role within Leicestershire Police.

Having now become a police officer, Katy confirms it’s the best decision she’s made!  Having been on this journey and continuously learning about the diverse background of others has amplified Katy’s ambition to do well in her policing career, she feels blessed and has the confidence to succeed in her role.

Katy is a great believer in pushing yourself and believing in what you can do. She says there is always someone out there who will benefit from your help and there are many people along the way whose lives you will change. Katy dedicated six years of her life to working in residential care to help, support and guide the journeys of children and young people. She saw them evolve and shine and she’s now ready to make a positive impact within the other communities she serves too.

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