For as long as he can remember, even as a young child, Mark always wanted to join the police. With both his aunt and uncle having served as police officers at Leicestershire Police for over 30 years, it was a natural decision for Mark, now 23-years-old, to follow in their footsteps.  

He said: “The main reason and motivator behind me joining the force was my aunt and uncle and how highly they speak about the job.”

Mark added: “I’ve always admired the police and all the other emergency services. I’m aware that there are members of the public who have unfortunately lost trust and confidence in the police and I am very keen to help change these public perceptions.”

Marks journey into the force has not come without setbacks but he didn’t let this stop him.

He explains: “I actually applied to the police as soon as I could, back when I was 18-years-old but unfortunately I was unsuccessful. Five years later after working in retail management and sales, I tried again for the police and was successful. I knew I had a passion for working with and helping people and I understand that this is a key element in policing so I wanted to take this further.” 

Mark would like to encourage others to consider policing, as they could be amazed at the possibilities.

He said: “I know policing is not for everyone but for me, I can’t think of anything that is going to be as rewarding as being a police officer. I’ve always wanted to join the police but I think for people who haven’t thought about it, I would still urge them to have a look into it at least. Give it a go or sign up to one of the webinars. It’s worthwhile doing because you could end up finding something you love.”

Mark now carries on his uncle’s former collar number of 296 with great pride as he continues his journey as a student officer.

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