“The same sense of pride I felt when I found out I’d passed the interview stayed with me for my whole career,” - those are the words of PC Maz Aziz on his retirement from the force after 28 years.

Maz, who was an officer at East Midlands Airport at the end of his police career, chose to take retirement at 55 as he was ready for a new challenge at an age that will allow him plenty of time to get stuck into a new job.

When asked if he has any advice for new police recruits or people considering a career within the force he says: “The same sense of pride I felt when I found out I’d passed the interview stayed with me for my whole career. Every time I put on my uniform I was proud to be representing the Queen.

“Working for the police provides brilliant career opportunities, it provided me with a certain way of living and a reason to get up every morning. Yes there are sacrifices but all of the highs definitely outweigh the lows. I was always happy to give back to a job that gave me so much.”

Recalling one of the first jobs he was sent to as a junior officer, Maz was sent to patrol the grounds of a factory that had been set on fire, during which he was conscious of the fact it was his responsibility to guard this scene of a crime. As an airport officer, before online shopping was as popular as it is now, there was an occasion an item went through one of the scanners that set the alarms off. Upon inspection the contents seemed initially to be an explosive device meaning several safety procedures had to be undertaken quickly. Upon further inspection it turned out to be a TENS pain relief machine being sent to a lady in Ireland.

As well as Maz’s career within the police, his wife has been a call handler in the forces Contact Management Department for the last year after many years working in education. Also, his brother in law is now a Detective Constable since joining the force as a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) four years ago. Such is his love for the role it even formed part of his wedding speech.

Maz is now enjoying working for the Estates Department at DeMontfort University. It’s another active role which involves working outdoors but the miles covered on a daily basis are somewhat less than those counties the East Midlands flightpath covers - plus no more nightshifts!