From call centre to police constable.

Meet PC Rachel Firth - prior to joining us as a police officer, Rachel spent two years working as a manager within a banking call centre. The 23-year-old from Leicester tells us about how her experiences of working with vulnerable people in the call centre, inspired her to join the force.

She said: “I found myself wanting to help people more than just referring them onto another service over the phone. As a manager within the call centre, I would have many interactions with the police in my role and it made me more intrigued as every time I put the phone down I thought I hope this person is going to be ok, without knowing what the outcome was. I wanted to be able to do more.

Rachel’s message to others thinking about becoming a police officer is: “Take the chance as you won’t find anything more meaningful than being able to make an impact to somebody else’s life – this career is more than just a job.”

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