“It was my time of life to retire, though I’ll definitely miss the blue light runs and the comradery.”

After serving as a special constable for four years, Rob Elkington was 27 when he successfully joined as a police officer. He always knew this was the job for him so applied more than once until he got an interview. 

His policing career started in 1992 with his first role being a general duty officer, spending 18 months on the beat in Leicester city center. During that time, as well as walking the beat, he became an Instance Response Vehicle Driver (IRVD) – it was here that he saw the Tactical Support Team (TST) in full riot gear about to complete a raid on a property and decided this was the career path he would follow.

In 1997 he joined the TST - the team who respond to major incidents and use their specialist skills to support colleagues when required. This role lived up to all of Rob’s expectations.

Rob says:

“It was an eye opener and a different pace to what I’d done before. I often found myself in public protection gear using rapid entry equipment to gain access to properties and ended up being the longest serving TST officer after completing 22 years on the team – something I’m very proud of.

“I’m keen to keep my links with the force so will continue as a police cadet leader. I’d like to pass on my experience and enthusiasm for the job to the next generation of potential officers.

“It was my time of life to retire, though I’ll definitely miss the blue light runs and the comradery.”

Rob is going to use his retirement to relax and put his feet up after a hectic 28 year career. His highlights include working on many high profile cases, completing numerous searches in properties (far too many to list). Another proud moment was receiving a Chief Constable Commendation award for his bravery.

Advice Rob would like to pass on to those considering a career in policing is that being an officer is not just a job, it’s a way of life.

Once training is complete, being a team player is essential as is gaining as much experience by volunteering for any task that presents itself. Rob also recommends joining the Police Federation with all its support and expert guidance.