Yusuf’s passion to help people and make a difference appears so ingrained in his DNA it’s hard to imagine him more suited to any other career.

Yet growing up, he’d never considered joining the police. It was only after his father, Muslim community leader Suleman Nagdi, mentioned it did he give it any thought.

Fast forward to the present day and Yusuf has spent around 14 years as a frontline officer in East Leicester, engaging with communities he’s known since he was a child, protecting an area of the city he has always called home.

And his passion to help doesn’t stop at the end of his shift – for the last five years he’s mentored around 500 would-be recruits eager to follow in his footsteps, as well as spending time as a football coach and volunteering at food banks at his mosque.

“My drive has always been the desire to help people and my reward is seeing other people succeed”, said Yusuf.

“I went to university and studied law - I always had an interest in it, particularly criminal law, but thought my career would be practicing it not policing it.

“It was my dad who initially suggested joining the police and since that initial conversation I’ve not looked back!

“It’ll been nearly 15 years since I first put on the uniform and every day I am proud of what I do. There aren’t many careers I can think of where you are able to help and protect the community you’ve grown up in.

“Mentoring people wanting to join the police family started as something I did a few hours a week in my spare time. Five years later I have probably given some form of support to around 500 people who wanted to join the force – I have trouble saying no when people need help. 

“And clearly I don’t shut up about it when I’m not at work as some of my own family have also joined up too!”