Edward Luker, known to most as ‘Edd’, a 28-year old is a Team Leader on C shift in our Contact Management Department (CMD) and line manager for a team of 10 people. He started his career with the force as a Call Handler in 2013 but soon used his experience and knowledge to progress from taking emergency calls to dispatching officers and then he felt ready to take on the role as a Team Leader. Despite feeling luckily unaffected by the emergency calls he has listened to, Edd makes it a priority to care for the wellbeing of his team and for many this doesn’t go un-noticed.

Edd said: “People that have ten and fifteen years of experience can come to me and ask for advice – which is lovely and completely unexpected sometimes.”

Speaking about the calls he’s answered over the years, Edd feels it becomes a normality to deal with emergencies day in and day out. The calls he took earlier on in his journey at CMD stand out the most. One call with a man who was attacked whilst on the phone to Edd is something he won’t forget.

Edd said: “It was horrifying talking to him because of how serious the incident was but I felt I was really making a difference and helping someone who was in such a serious condition.”