Police Community Support Officer (PSCO) Gillian Edwards has been in the job for 22 years.

“I had no idea what I wanted to do when I left school so I spoke to the careers officer when I was 16 years old. I said I didn’t want to do the same thing every day and she suggested the Police force so I went for it. Fortunately I was accepted and my police story began.”

Gillian is now 66 years-old and says she’s loved every minute of it.

“I had a break in between when I had my children but I’ve worked all over the place and with so many different people as part of my role. On the beat there are lots of opportunities to engage in local events, give talks, attend activities. It’s something that I thoroughly enjoy and throw myself into.”

Gillian says she is extremely proud of the work she did to deliver Kayleigh’s Love Story  - a film about online safety - for young people in schools across the city and county. Similarly, she once helped save a woman’s life who was choking to death having swallowed her tongue while having a fit.

The training she received as a PCSO meant she knew exactly what to do.

“I’ve learned so much through my job and picked up so many skills and as you can see, no one day has ever been the same,” she added.