“If you are looking for a rewarding and challenging career, the opportunity to learn new skills, if you’re a problem solver, like thinking on your feet and want a job where no two days are the same you should consider applying to Leicestershire Police.” Wise words from one of our Digital PSCOs, Katie Long.

The role of a Digital PSCO is similar to that of a regular PCSO except that the majority of their interaction with the public is online via social media. The role is still centred on community reassurance however a Digital PCSO provides a different way of engaging with the public.

They are available to discuss local and police related issues, give advice and take reports, gather intelligence and communicate between communities and beat teams.

Katie has been with the force since 2007 when she was a Local Support Team Officer (LSTO) at Mansfield House. She then trained to become a PSCO in 2009 before transferring her skills to a digital platform in 2018.

Katie has taken all of her experiences as a PCSO to be a link between police and the public by facilitating different types of conversation and interactions.

Katie says:

“I love that I can communicate with people daily and build relationships with communities and be the link between the police and the public.

“Leicestershire Police is a great place to work. If you lack confidence I guarantee that a role within the police will change that. Once you put on your uniform you are the person the public wants to help protect them, you can’t crumble in the corner. But with the training, support and excellent team you’ll be working with that won’t happen.

‘’I have had to deal with some really difficult and emotional situations at times – where I have had to remain strong and continue my role the best I can - you can’t just crumble in the corner.

 “Ultimately, you have to be real but reasonable.”