I joined Leicestershire Police in 2007 and worked as a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) in Leicester city centre which I enjoyed, however at the time I thought the grass was greener and left to work as a Community Initiatives Coordinator in the neighbourhood police team, and eventually left the force in 2009.

Prior to being a Police Community Support Officer, I had travelled and worked abroad as a conversational skills teacher and in hotel management in South East Asia. On my return, I took on employment in the private sector in various customer service roles, before realising how much I missed working for Leicestershire Police.

Therefore, when the opportunity arose to be a Police Community Support Officer, I wasted no time and was overjoyed when I re-joined in 2012, and this is has been my best role in my career to date.

One of the most memorable jobs during my time at the force was when I acted as a witness to a road rage related assault and the suspect was charged for it based on my evidence. The victim still remembers me and always says ‘thank you’, which is really rewarding. Being able to help is what motivates me within the role.

If you want to avoid a mundane Monday to Friday job and want to wake up looking forward to your day job knowing you can make a difference, then I would highly recommend the Police Community Support Officer role at Leicestershire Police.