“What I love most about my role is how it has evolved over the years and how every day is a different day.  Every area has been interesting to work with and opened up many and varied opportunities to learn and develop.” - PCSO Tony Gallagher

Prior to joining Leicestershire Police as a Police Community Support Officer (PSCO), Tony Gallagher spent over 20 years working in 27 different African countries as a trainer within the educational sector.

With his ‘can do’ attitude he quickly learnt during his time in Africa that respect is earned when ‘you do what you say what you are going to do’.

Tony thrived on living within so many different cultures, learning different languages, overcoming a variety of challenges and working proactively.

In 2003, Tony found his next calling by applying to be a PCSO and was part of the very first cohort of only 16 PCSOs. To date there are now around 196 PCSOs serving within Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

Tony believed that he would be able to make positive changes to those that he worked with and members of the public.

Highlights of his career so far include working in a variety of locations across the force including city and county, being the first PCSO in North West Leicestershire, winning PCSO of the year and meeting the Prime Minister in Downing Street.

Tony’s commitment to the force is still going strong, he prides himself on his relationships within the rural community by being a part of the piloted rural crime team. He actively takes an interest in understanding the challenges of the farming community and finds ways to support them.

He helps to set up and run rural crime events to raise awareness and works collaboratively with the rural community and partners. The aim of the scheme is to oversee all rural crime investigations, increase community confidence and develop intelligence (including cross-border).