5. FAQs

Cadet units meet once a week in the evening, during school/college term-times. There may be additional involvement in weekend activities and during school holidays.

Cadets aim to volunteer three hours per month in support of local policing.

You will not be expected to attend every session but we hope that you will be able to attend at least half of the total sessions throughout the year. At every unit, the sessions are run somewhere between 6-9pm in the hope that cadet leaders will be free to attend.

You will undergo our initial cadet leader training and receive carousel training at our headquarters in Enderby every quarter. You will also complete a Level 1 Safeguarding qualification. This is funded by the force and completed online.

There are various leadership courses on offer to compliment the leadership skills you will gain as a leader, and you will also have the opportunity to get involved n guiding the Cadets through their Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Yes. You don't need to live in Leicestershire to become a cadet leader with us. Please take into account your travel time and distance, as you can only claim mileage expenses from the Leicestershire border.

No, when you join as a cadet leader, you will be able to choose which unit you'd like to volunteer with.

Yes, you will need to be 18 years of age at the time of applying to join us as a cadet leader.

No, you can become a cadet leader at any age.

No formal qualifications are required to become a cadet leader. However, leadership and communication skills will strengthen your application.

We don't expect cadet leaders to be able to attend every single cadet session, but we do hope that leaders will attend at least half of all sessions. We ask for a minimum of eight hours per month, either in sessions or supporting the cadets to volunteer in their communities.

No. In order for a cadet session to run, we require a minimum of two leaders. We also have a leader to cadet ratio of 1:8 so you will never run a session alone.

Yes, we will issue you with a cadet leader polo shirt and jacket.

You will report immediately to your Cadet Unit Head and the force has a Cadet Co-ordinator who will also support you.