Feedback Process

An applicant may seek feedback as to the reasons why they are not selected for interview or following an unsuccessful interview. The appeal must be received within 14 days of notification that their application/ interview was unsuccessful. Feedback will be attained from the panel.

Appeal Process

Leicestershire Police have an appeal process for applicants who have been unsuccessful in their application for a post. Appeals will only be considered if received within 14 days of the notification being sent to advise that they were unsuccessful in their application. Appeals sent after this time will not be accepted.

To submit an appeal there must be justification that there may have been:

  • An abuse of the recruitment process: failure to apply the recruitment and selection policy/ process in a consistent and fair manner
  • A perverse decision:g. inappropriate judgement or a decision that cannot be justified or evidenced
  • A decision relating to medical grounds or disability discrimination: (*please note that where medical information has informed a decision the Regional Occupational Health Unit will be consulted) The appeal will be assessed in conjunction with the current medical standards.
  • Pre-employment vetting decision: This must be submitted to the Vetting Department via the information that will have been provided to you on the unsuccessful decision letter

Vetting Appeals must be submitted within 7 working days of the date of the refusal notification. All Appeals will be responded to within 14 working days of receipt of the request.

The following are not grounds for an appeal:

  • General frustration at non-selection
  • The design, structure and content of the recruitment and selection process
  • Not performing well on the day
  • Disagreement with the awarded scores or scoring matrix at the assessment centre or interview

The Process

  • All appeals should be submitted in writing to the Shared HR Service Centre Management Team email: [email protected]
  • Acknowledgement will be made to the applicant within 5 working days from the receipt of appeal
  • Following a full investigation into the issues raised, a full and final response will be made in writing within 14 working days

Possible Outcomes

  • The original decision may be overturned
  • The original decision remains
  • There may be an acknowledgement that an alternative process might have been adopted but the outcome would not have been significantly affected

*There is no opportunity for a further appeal