Your recruitment experience may differ slightly depending on the role that you’re applying for. But the process does contain some core aspects - application, shortlisting, interview/assessment, pre-employment checks and offer.

Submitting your application

When you’ve found a position that you’re interested in, please follow the link to be taken to the E-Recruitment Portal. You’ll have to complete an
online application form to be considered.

Unfortunately, we do not accept CVs, you will have to complete the online application form.

The E-Recruitment portal is the way you can apply for the vacancy, track the status of your application and view correspondence in one place.

If it is your first time applying for a position, you will need to register for an account on E-Recruitment. This can be done by clicking “apply” and the portal
will ask you to register.

On the Internal, External and Redeployment opportunities, you can select the “Create a new job alert” button to be notified of new vacancies when they are

Register for job alerts

Unfortunately, you must submit an online application form to be considered for a role.

If the positions share the same name, you’ll only need to complete one application form. You are welcome to apply for multiple roles. Please bear in mind, if you are
successful for multiple roles, we will have to ask you to choose which role you would like to pursue.

Once a vacancy has been removed from our recruitment portal this means we are no longer accepting applications for that vacancy.

If you log into the E-Recruitment portal, and click into “Your applications”, you will be able to view the status of your application, communication history, your application form and any other relevant updates.

You will be contacted via the E-Recruitment portal after the vacancy has closed regarding the next stage of the process.

You will have to complete the pre-screening question before your application. This it to ensure you meet the entry level requirements for the vacancy. If you believe you have failed pre-screening due to answering a question incorrectly, please contact [email protected]. We will be happy to help sort out any errors and would prefer that you don’t make a second application to rectify the mistake yourself.

We will try to provide feedback at each stage of the process, we do receive a huge amount of applications for our roles, sadly this does mean that we can’t provide detailed feedback at application stage.

If you’d like feedback following an interview, you can access this via the portal.

Equal Opportunities

For some roles yes. Please review the eligibility criteria for each role. We encourage applications from all candidates who meet our criteria and have a variety of opportunities ranging from school leaver programmes, entry-level and graduate positions/programmes through to experienced hires.

To find out more detail about the role that's right for you, please visit our careers pages.

The force is committed to a disability confident scheme. If you require a reasonable adjustment, please provide information in the disability section of your application and this will be processed by your HR Services Officer.


Due to necessary vetting requirements prior to employment or access to Police premises or assets within Leicestershire Police, the residency criteria applies to all candidates. The residency rule is to ensure that you have a ‘checkable history’ in the UK to assist the Chief Constable in discharging their obligation to run an efficient and effective Force.

The minimum periods of residency refer to the period of time spent immediately before an application is made and not for any other periods of time accumulated in the UK.

Those who have been serving in the British Armed Forces or on UK Government Service are considered to have been resident in the UK.

You can apply if you have tattoos, however they must be in line with the College of Policing’s Code of Ethics and Standards of professional behaviour. You will be asked for photos of your tattoos located on arms, neck or face.

Whether you're eligible depends on the nature and circumstances of the offence. It is not possible to set out a full list of convictions. Each case is considered on its own merits considering all available information. The decision is made considering the Code of Ethics and Professional Behaviour and the Vetting Code of Practice and Vetting APP. If you have had a conviction, please provide this information at the time of submitting your application or contact the recruitment team via email [email protected].

If you have incorrectly completed a part of your application, please email the recruitment team via [email protected]. If you need to update your personal information such as change of address, contact number etc. you can log into E-Recruitment and edit your profile.

Your financial status will be checked. If you have outstanding County Court Judgements, who may have been registered bankrupt with outstanding debts will be rejected. If you have any discharged bankruptcy debts then you will need to provide a Certificate of Satisfaction with your application.

Unfortunately, we are unable to employ anyone who does not have the legal right to live and work in the UK. During the recruitment process all candidates are required to prove they have this right with suitable documentation.

Eligibility (Police Officer only)

All the requirements can be found by looking on the force’s police officer recruitment section.

No, we have 3 entry routes for becoming an officer: Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship (PCDA), Degree Holder Entry Programme (DHEP) and the Pre- Join Degree in Professional Policing.

No, unfortunately, you’ll have to obtain a level 3 qualification by pre-employment checks or at the time of application be a serving Police Community Support Officer (PCSO), who has completed their professional development plan, passed their probationary period at the time of application and are up to date with all mandatory training, or be a serving Special Constable who has attained independent patrol status at the time of application, who are consistently completing sixteen hours per month and are up to date with all mandatory training.

We will need to see evidence of your certificates to progress you in the role. If you don’t have your certificates presently, we will need to see them at the interview stage of the process, at the latest. We recommend speaking to your school, college or exam board to obtain the certificates.

Candidates must be 17 – 57 to be able to apply and 18 years old on appointment.

No. You should have a full driving licence by the end of year one of your appointment.

If you have failed the telephone interview, National Quantitative Based Questionnaire, force Quantitative Based Questionnaire, force interview, online assessment centre, SEARCH or pre-employment checks, you must wait 3 months before reapplying.

Yes, you can apply for multiple forces. Please bear in mind, if you are successful for multiple roles, we will have to ask you to choose which role you would like to pursue.

Telephone interview (Police Officer only)

Telephone interviews are scheduled frequently and slots will be released on E-Recruitment once these have been arranged. Please keep an eye out on the portal for available slots and if you have any further issues, please contact the Recruitment team on [email protected].

Please get in touch with our recruitment team via [email protected].

Your telephone interview will take no longer than 20 - 30 minutes.

We recommend that you read through the interview guidance attached to your invite for more information about the interview and how to prepare.

You will be contacted via the E-Recruitment portal in regards to booking and interview and presentation.

You will hear your results within the next 5 working days.

Unfortunately, the interview feedback that you receive is the only feedback we provide.

You can re-apply in 3 months.

Online assessment (Police Officer only)

In response to the COVID situation the SEARCH Assessment Centre has been replaced by an online Assessment process that enables effective assessment of competencies and values that are important for police officers. The online assessment process consists of a two-stage approach (interview and assessment & briefing exercise) designed for the efficient assessment and recruitment of police constables. The two stages are:

  1. Competency-based interview - You will be asked a series of questions about how you have dealt with specific situations in the past. This is your opportunity to provide some examples of the key competencies and values that are important for police constables. You can use examples from both your work and your personal life.
  2. Written assessment - In this exercise, you will assume the role of a police constable and will have to complete an urgent written task for your line manager. You will receive four items of information to help you with this task.
  3. Briefing exercise - In this exercise, you will assume the role of a police constable and will have responsibility for dealing with some issues presented to you. You will be tasked with providing a response to a number of questions in relation to this issue. You will be provided with preparation materials to consider your answer.

You can complete the exercises on any internet-enabled device with a camera (laptop, tablet or phone), but to ensure full compatibility with the online platform, the following should be set up.

Your operating system should be Windows 7 (or higher) or Mac OS 10.11 (or higher).

Your browser should be the latest version of Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari (Apple products only). You should have the latest version of Adobe Flash installed, and you require a webcam and microphone to record responses.

You will be sent guidance information on the assessment centre for you to prepare from the college of policing to help you prepare for your assessment.

The assessment is undertaken online so you will not need to travel to the Assessment Centre.

If you cannot attend/complete the assessment centre, please call the recruitment team on 0300 122 8900.

You will be assessed on 6 competencies:

  1. Serving the Public,
  2. Openness to Change,
  3. Service Delivery,
  4. Professionalism,
  5. Decision Making, and
  6. Working with Others

Results usual take between 4-6 weeks and you will receive a Candidate Feedback Report.

If you would like to appeal your result, you must do so within 7 days of your attendance at the Online Assessment. You will not be able to make an appeal any later than 7 days. You will not be able to appeal after you have obtained your results. Please contact [email protected] to submit an appeal.

Unfortunately, you must wait 3 months before re-applying.

Congratulations for passing the online assessment, we will be in touch shortly with further details surrounding your cohort date.

Interview and assessment

Review the job role and the interview guidance sent to you when invited to the interview. This will provide a comprehensive guide to the interview process.

Information regarding the presentation briefing will be sent to you via the E-Recruitment Portal so you are able to prepare.

Interviews are scheduled frequently and slots will be released on E-Recruitment once these have been arranged. Please keep an eye out on the portal for
available slots and if you have any further issues, please contact the Recruitment team by email - [email protected].

This will depend on the current guidance around COVID 19. You will receive the location of the interview via email in your interview invitation or you will be advised on how to access the online platform being used for the process.

If you are attending in person, please report to reception at the building specified and they will be able to guide you to the interview location.

Once you have booked an interview slot, you will receive an additional email that will provide names of the interview panel.

Please inform recruitment via [email protected].

Please speak to the recruitment team if you cannot make your interview slot by calling 0300 122 8900 or emailing [email protected].

You will receive an interview guidance pack and if applicable any other assessment brief, it’s recommended that you look through both prior
to the interview.

Force Competency Framework - You will receive information about this in the invitation to interview.

During your application, you will be asked ‘Do you require any reasonable adjustments or assistance?’ Please use this section to tell us about any adjustments or assistance you may need in order to complete the assessment or attend an interview. We will endeavour to meet these requests wherever possible.

Unfortunately, you cannot take notes in to assist you with the competency-based interview. You can take in notes for presentations, or if you require notes as part of your Reasonable Adjustment (however this must be discussed with Recruitment team beforehand).

The dress code is smart attire.

Please refer to the interview confirmation email, which states what documentation you will need to bring with you. Please note - if you are successful for the role, your ID will be required to send to the vetting department so it is important the correct documentation is brought in.

Please let the panel know and if you are successful, they will need to arrange a date to bring in or provide proof of your documentation.

If you are successful in your interview and the role requires a qualification, the panel will make arrangements for you to bring in the qualification at a later date. Please bring in evidence of you currently completing the qualification (i.e.- university, enrolment).

Please contact the recruitment team on 0300 122 8900.

You will be advised of your result within 5 working days, after the interviews have taken place.

You will receive your feedback along with your result. This is the only feedback we can provide and it has come directly from the panel.

The recruitment team will be in touch shortly regarding your pre-employment checks and documentation to complete. You will not receive a formal offer of appointment until all pre-employment checks are cleared.

You will be able to reapply straight away, unless you are applying for the role of police officer, then you are able to apply after 3 months.

Pre-employment checks

Your offer is conditional to successfully clearing pre-employment checks. If you are currently employed, please do not hand in your notice until you have received a contract of employment from the force.

Pre-employment checks consist of:

  • Vetting
  • Social media
  • Medical
  • References
  • Sickness absence
  • Fitness test – Police officer only
  • Biometric screening (DNA and fingerprints) – uniformed recruitment only

Medical Appointment

You will be asked to complete a medical health questionnaire and eyesight test form, please return these documents within 10 working
days. Depending upon the role you have applied for and the current COVID guidance you may be required to attend a medical appointment with our Occupational health team at force headquarters. You will receive further information about the medical appointment upon invite

Biometric testing – Uniform Recruitment Only

Biometric testing will take the form of a DNA sample (Mouth swab) and fingerprints which will be retained on the Police Elimination Database (PEDb) and the Centralised Elimination Database (CED) for purposes of elimination and as a speculative search prior to your appointment. You will receive an invitation, detailing your appointment and asking for a consent form to be completed.

Fitness Test - Police Officer Only

Your fitness test will involve endurance test called the bleep test. - further information about the test will be released closer to the time. If you are unsuccessful, you are only allowed 3 attempts at passing the fitness test.

You will be sent an invite to book a uniform fitting appointment at our Force Headquarters during your pre-employment check stages.

You will need to undergo a vetting clearance for your new role, which may will involve a new vetting clearance.

You will require a medical clearance for officers, as this is different from the police staff medical clearance.

Your current line manager will be requested to provide a reference. Recruitment will also complete a Gateway reference for you.

When speaking to the recruitment team, please provide contact details of a character reference if you have a gap in employment.

Please advise in writing if this is the case. We will obtain consent before contacting your references. We will need to have your reference from your current employer before an offer can be made.

We ensure that a fair, consistent and appropriate standard of vetting is applied throughout Leicestershire Police, whether you are considering being a police officer, police staff or looking to volunteer or contracted to work or provide a service Leicestershire Police.

To minimise the risk of employing, engaging or contracting an individual who does pose, or may in the future pose, a security threat to Leicestershire Police personnel, systems, information or assets, whilst ensuring that no individual is employed, engaged or contracted without prior vetting clearance from the Vetting Team.

Vetting helps to reassure the public that the appropriate checks are conducted on individuals who are in a position of trust. It also identifies areas of vulnerability which could damage public confidence in the force or the wider police service.

We are committed to the maintenance of the highest levels of honesty and integrity and to the prevention of corrupt, dishonest, unethical or unprofessional behaviour. Security vetting procedures support this commitment by ensuring that only those who demonstrate the highest standards of conduct, honesty and integrity, who are not vulnerable to pressure from others to disclose information or who are likely to bring embarrassment or discredit to the police service, are recruited to the force and to ensure that these standards are maintained and supported by a periodic review process.

Vetting applies to all members and prospective members of Leicestershire Police including Police Officers, Special Constables, Police Community Support Officers (PCSO), Police Staff, Volunteers, Contractors, Sub Contractors, partnership or co-located workers and any other persons who require access to our premises, systems or assets.

Our Vetting Team will create an account for you’ll be asked to complete an online vetting form which is relevant to your role. It will ask for personal information about:

  • You
  • Your family
  • Your criminal history
  • Associates
  • Your financial position

You ‘ll be able to expand on your responses should you feel the need to, or you may be asked to complete a supplementary financial questionnaire. In some cases, it may be necessary for you to be interviewed by the Vetting Team prior to any decision being made. The objective of the interview is to obtain sufficient information to permit the Vetting Team to conclude the vetting process, and to discuss any difficulties which may have arisen during the Vetting procedure.

These details are checked against our national and local police records, national security records and credit reference agencies. We also check content on publicly available social media sites for the purposes of service reputational reassurance and compatibility with the Code of Ethics.

It’s really important that all of the sections are completed accurately. If for whatever reason, you are unable to complete any of the sections of the vetting forms, or do not wish to do so, you should discuss the matter with your Line Manager if you currently work for the force or advise the vetting team at the time of submitting the forms.

Please remember if you have not completed the vetting process you will be denied access to Force premises, information or systems. For contractors this could affect the ability to meet your obligations and such risk remains with the contractor, no liability is assumed by the Force.

Each case is dealt with on its own merits and all decisions are made in accordance with the Vetting Code of Practice and Vetting APP.

There are many factors which are taken into consideration when making a decision including, and not exclusively, your previous interaction with police, health and mental wellbeing, any convictions or cautions, finances, honesty, integrity, your family and associates, social media content and any other factors which may affect the credibility of you or the reputation of the force.

Criminal association relates to the association with persons who have criminal convictions or may not have a criminal record, but who are engaged in criminal activities or those who associate with such persons.

If this information is known to you and if you have friends or relatives who fall into this category, their details must also be included in the vetting declarations.

Under NO circumstances should you, or anyone at your request, carry out checks to ascertain whether or not any of your associates have criminal convictions, or are recorded as being actively engaged in crime.

For some more sensitive roles, you will be asked to identify whether your suitability could be affected by a medical or psychological issue. In these circumstances the matter will be referred to the Force Medical Officer for assessment.

The details of any condition will not be disclosed to the Vetting Team or any other person without your consent. However, if the Force Medical Officer is of the opinion that it would not be appropriate for you to be employed or continue to serve in a particular post, the Vetting Team will be notified and you will be informed.

These decisions are exceptional and it will only be in the most serious cases that clearance will be refused.

The Force conducts its financial checks via a Credit Reference agency Experian, and financial checks are required for all levels of vetting with the exception of Non-Police Personnel Vetting level 1 (NPPV level 1). The purpose is to assess the risk of vulnerability to financial inducement.

There is no need to be concerned or worry about mortgage and credit commitments that are in line with your income, providing you are normally able to manage the repayments. Debts only become a problem when they are substantial or individuals fail to take remedial action. When information has been provided ‘in confidence’ the risk of compromise is significantly reduced.

Identity checks are an essential part of our process, including National Security checks, and for this reason you will be asked to present original documents such as passport or birth certificate to a Hiring Manager or recruiter/HR at interview or we may ask you to take the form and relevant documents to your local police station and have a member of the force sign this. These documents will be examined, checked and verified, copies taken for retention with your vetting application.

Knowingly providing false information or concealing information on a vetting form or at any subsequent interview, could be regarded as evidence of unreliability and/or dishonesty. Indeed, your clearance could be refused because of this, even though what you were seeking to conceal may not in itself have caused a problem. Furthermore, your clearance could be removed at a later date if the facts subsequently come to light.

It is only the most serious cases that consideration will be given to refusing vetting clearance. One of the objectives of the vetting procedure is to ensure that members of staff cannot be compromised because they have ‘secrets’ they do not wish to be disclosed. So, it’s really important that you provide all the relevant information.

Any significant changes in personal circumstances such as a new partner, new co- residents over the age of 10, change of address, significant financial changes, arrest, caution or conviction or association with criminals should be notified to the Vetting Team immediately.

Provided the vetting forms have been accurately and fully completed these can take a number of weeks. However, where checks have to be completed in other Force areas or in other countries, these can take longer and on the rare occasion a number of months.

This element all depends on the level of vetting required, validity can range from minimum of 3 years to a maximum of 10 years. Some levels of vetting attract an annual aftercare review process, involving the completion of a vetting review form for you and your Line Manager to complete and then return to the Vetting Team.

If vetting clearance is refused we will let you know asap in writing from the Vetting Team this will include the reason wherever possible. On occasion specific reasons will not normally be given to protect the confidentiality of others and the security of the force. Requests for an appeal or a review must be made in writing and must be from the applicant themselves. This must be received within 7 days of the vetting decision being made.

Appeals are conducted by an independent person who has a full working knowledge of the Vetting Code of Practice and APP and we will respond within 14 days of receipt of the request.

In cases relating to National Security checks, a separate appeal process is available. Information can be supplied by the vetting Team upon request.

All information provided during the vetting process will be processed in strict confidence and will only be used for security purposes. Completed vetting forms, vetting questionnaires and supporting documentation will be retained in electronic files, securely stored within the Vetting unit.

Unfortunately, we can no longer proceed with your application. Thank you for your interest in the force and we wish you all the very best.

Offer and contract

We aim to issue your offer letter 4-6 weeks before your start date.

When you have passed all pre-employment checks, your line manager or the recruitment team will contact you to arrange a start date.

The Welcome Pack will be sent to you with your contract of employment and offer letter which contains useful insights into working for the police. You will need to complete the documentation contained within the pack.

We require a wet signature to process the acceptance of your offer of employment.

Please accept the offer on the E-Recruitment portal to complete the bank details form.

The police welcome pack and the offer email will detail the documentation that needs to be returned.


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