Our people are spread over many specialist departments and sections combining a wide-range of skills, talents and abilities to create a diverse police force that provides a professional service to all members of the communities we serve.

By recognising and valuing individual differences we can develop our understanding and increase confidence among all groups both within the force and in the community.

We aim to make Leicestershire Police an organisation that reflects the diversity of the communities and cultures within which we operate, ensuring that in our organisational structures, decision-making processes, our ways of working, communicating and managing, diversity is welcomed and embraced.

Leicestershire Police produces an Equality Scheme that highlights and explain the current work being undertaken in the area of race and diversity.

One of the key areas of work is it concentrates on is the recruitment, retention and progression of members of the black and minority ethnic communities, as well as other under represented groups within the force. It is of vital importance that the police service is representative of the community that it serves and is one of the top priorities for the Force.

Leicestershire Police is led by a team of chief officers headed by the Chief Constable, Simon Cole, and supported by a deputy chief constable, two assistant chief constables, a director of HR and a director of finance. Their role is to provide strategic leadership for the force.