Here, you can find out how to reclaim a vehicle that has been seized under Section 165A of the Road Traffic Act 1988. This means an officer had reasonable grounds to believe that the driver was uninsured or was not driving in accordance with their driving licence.

If your vehicle has been seized for this reason the driver should have received a seizure notice. If the driver of the vehicle isn't the owner, then the registered owner/keeper will also have received a similar notice by post.

How to reclaim your vehicle

You'll find the details of how to reclaim your vehicle on the seizure notice. You have 14 days to go to the police station specified on the seizure notice and then to the recovery operator to collect your vehicle. 

To prove your identity you need valid photo ID, such as:

  • passport
  • driving licence
  • EU national identity card
  • immigration document

We won't accept a student or employer’s ID.

You'll need to comply with the following conditions:

  • either be the registered keeper or provide satisfactory proof of ownership of the vehicle
  • provide a valid certificate of insurance for that vehicle (you must pay careful attention to the terms of your policy, most insurers have restrictions of use for the collection of vehicles from pounds)
  • have a driving licence to drive that class of vehicle

If you can satisfy these conditions you can go to the recovery operator to collect your vehicle. You'll have to pay removal and storage charges before you can take it away.

If you can't satisfy these conditions, you can nominate another person to collect your vehicle. They'll need to attend the police station with you. Again, your nominated driver will have to pay careful attention to the restrictions of use in their insurance policy.

Payment of charges

You can find full details about the statutory charges in the Road Traffic Act (Retention and disposal of seized vehicles) Regulations 2005 – amended 2008.

Please note, the daily storage charges start from midday the day after the vehicle was seized.